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This is ME (2022) 


Collective Version. 

The videos were created with only TikTok and CapCut.

PLEASE use your headphones for the first film, as the video has a right-left stereo sound function. 

You can use both sides, but also you can choose either right or left.

This is ME (2022) can be divided into two parts (three films). 

If you want to check the videos individually, please check below. 




“Next. Next. Next.

Swipe, Swipe, Swipe.”


Producer / Filmmaker: Yerin Lee (yenn_dance)

Dancers: Shakira Leannee, Kashish Gaba, Yeonsoo Do, Chomin Kang and Yerin Lee (yenn_dance)

Music: 1st video - Sticks and Tricks & Sublimination Groove (no copyright)
             2nd video - Not for nothing - Otis Mcdonald (no copyright)

             3rd video - Musics from TikTok

  • Research practice three explores the short-form screendance.
    It discovers the process of creating screendance with mobile applications and develops them as content.

  • The first film expresses the two sides of myself, red and blue, fire and water, angry and sad. 

  • The second film expresses the multiple aspects of human beings, looking different depending on the situation.

  • In the third film, various gestures are attached to one face to express how people design themselves to show the public.


Let me know what you think about the film!

Thanks for submitting!

Pre-explorations with TIKTOK

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