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Digital Content Creator

Yerin is a digital content creatorwho has been working for various dance companies, associations, institutions and festivalswith my photography, video and social media content production skills. 

LAON_Enjoyable Korean


Yerin is a Korean language and culture instructor with 5 years of teaching experience.
She has been running her own Korean Learning Instagram account.


KRUK / Executive Team
- Leading the Arts & Culture sector

Yerin was the team leader of the Arts & Culture sector and content creator of KRUK (Korean PhD Students and Researchers in the UK). She created all social media resources and also produced a Ballet Fit video and online seminar book in 2020-2021.

Sans Souci Festival / Advisory Board
- Marketing & Social Media

Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema is a niche film festival where choreography meets cinematography.


Yerin worked as an Advisory board, especially working on social media promotion and marketing. 

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