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Stay Where You Are (2020)

PhD Research - Main Research


Producer & Filmmaker: Yerin Lee (yenn_dance)

Dancers: Emma Ericsson, Jeemi Son, Ella Oxley, Yeonsoo Do, Shakira Leannee


Music: Heesook Seo (Naseul sound), Wooram Song – ‘Unknown Flower’

“I am here, and you are there.

The invisible giant lines are dividing my moments,

The invisible moments are creating another me.

As if we are invisible or not,

As if we can feel each other or not,

As if we are together or not,


We are waiting for the next now – here and there.”


  • The film is about COVID-19 and Zoom (Online conference platform).

  • It aims to describe how people feel during the lockdown and online meetings on Zoom. 

  • The screen keeps being divided, changed and moved by editing based on the dancers’ movements and emotions.

​Inspirations & Ideas

Title: Stay Where You Are


The title, Stay Where You Are is inspired by the public order from the Korean government,

when the Sewol Ferry Disaster happened on 16 April 2014.


When the Sewol Ferry started sinking, the government announced that they saved all people from the Sewol Ferry and there were no casualties. However, there were 304 people on the ferry at that moment and the government kept saying “Stay there and Wait” to the people. The disaster caused 304 passengers and crew staffs died. Approximately, 172 survivors were saved by fishing boats and other commercial vessels,

not the national maritime police. People have criticised the irresponsible President and her government in various ways, including artworks, films, performances, and poems.


COVID-19 is also a disaster that people have to stay at home. It caused many people’s deaths and also has changed people’s lives a lot. People are staying where they are and waiting for the end of the situation.

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This film was presented at...


Tbilisi, Georgia

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