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Lovelorn, Mr Darcy (2017)

the viewers binexcul - #1 Pride and prejudice

london, united kingdom



'I Love You. Most Ardently'.


How much was the love he spoke?

It was the last grateful days that have been steadily built up without wavering to Mr Darcy.

However, there were many things which covered him to show his love.

Could it be that he began to feel the pain of his heart only after the pureness proposal,

saying that he loved Elizabeth thoughtlessly, was rejected?


This work motivated Mr Darcy, a man of arrogance and prejudice,

to express his sadness after being rejected by Elizabeth.

People think of Mr Darcy as an unperturbed person like as a rigid mask,

in fact, Mr Darcy has more tender emotions than anyone else.

His hand was turned down by his arrogance, his mind was distorted by prejudice,

and finally, Mr Darcy began to feel love and sorrow sincerely.

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